Do you know SIDS?

A snapshot above the baby bed!

On October 12th 1998, our dear daughter "Shizuka" passed away due to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Because my wife and I had caught a glimpse of the words on a corridor in a hospital or in a magazine on child care, we had already known the existence of the disease. But when we happened to experience SIDS in reality, we grieved over the death of our daughter, and could not but contain our wrath to face such a disease as irrational as this. The situation is still the same. But we cannot learn anything just from crying for grief.This sad experience made us decide that we should do what little thing we can do by ourselves in order to prevent SIDS. We wonder what we can do or not, but we are planning to collect as much information as possible and report it in this page.

Since 1999.01.03